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Tessa Plagis

Tessa Plagis

St. Anna Advies
United Kingdom
Tessa (Angelina) Plagis, DVM, MSc was born and raised in the beautiful South Africa, where she grew her love for animals, people, and adventure. Her first adventure started when she moved to the Netherlands to study companion animal veterinary medicine at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, where her eyes were really opened to the diversity of opportunities within the veterinary world. Since graduating, Tessa worked in numerous veterinary practices in London and part-time as a Technical Policy Assistant at the National Office of Animal Health. She also co-authored the 'Cookbook for Clienthusiasm' with Roeland Wessels in 2019. Thereafter she made the switch from practice to communication consultancy St. Anna Advies in the Netherlands. At St. Anna Advies, Tessa trains veterinary professionals on communication skills, helping them to explore just how talented, special and valuable they are. She is also responsible for the Veterinary DialogueTrainer where she creates simulations based on real-life situations in practice and how to deal with them.




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