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Tamsin Durston

Tamsin Durston

Dogs Trust
United Kingdom

Tamsin Durston is a Registered Veterinary Nurse, an ABTC-registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist, an APDT-accredited dog training instructor, and a Human Behaviour Change Practitioner. She holds undergraduate and post graduate degrees in Companion Animal Behaviour, Welfare and Management, Canine Behaviour and Training, Human Behaviour Change and is currently studying for an MSc in Human-Animal Interaction and Wellbeing. Tamsin currently manages Dogs Trust’s Veterinary Development Team, creating evidence-based programmes intended to embed behavioural principles within veterinary practice including the Dog Friendly Clinic scheme. She has also researched and authored a book, ‘Emotional Wellbeing for the Animal Welfare Professional’ and written a chapter on dog training from a behavioural perspective for the book ‘Canine Behaviour in Mind’.




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