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Sian Frosini

Dr Sian Frosini

Lecturer, Veterinary Clinical Microbiology, Royal Veterinary College
United Kingdom
Sian graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 2013 and has since focused on microbiology as an emerging para-clinical discipline. She obtained a PhD, centred on good antimicrobial stewardship and the risks of methicillin-resistant staphylococci within veterinary practice. Sian's post-doctoral work broadened her expertise, exploring the potential for multidrug-resistant pathogens to be shared between companion animals and their owners. Sian is the RVC's Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Microbiology. Her ambition is to advance the diagnostic microbiology laboratory and she has overseen the introduction of new technologies and continued interdisciplinary liaison with clinicians within the RVC's hospitals to provide clinically-focused results.




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