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Progressive care: challenging the evidence - good science vs bad science

21 Mar 2024
Charter 4
PetSavers’ Progressive Care

What is the strength of the evidence out there? Can we rely on the evidence? Can it be misinterpreted and misused?

  • Recognise the strengths and weaknesses of information presented to you (recognise sources of bias and confounding factors and how these may affect the interpretation of study results)
  • Understand that research findings can be misinterpreted or misused which could harm you and your patients 
  • Identify misuse of evidence – identify instances where evidence may be misused or selectively used to support a particular agenda/ ethical implications of misusing evidence 
Karen Humm, Associate Professor, Transfusion Medicine & ECC
Rachel Dean
Prof Clare Rusbridge, Professor, Veterinary Neurology - University of Surrey
Dr Martin Whitehead, Clinical Director


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