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Diagnosis and treatment of heart failure

21 Mar 2024
Exchange Auditorium

Point-of-care ultrasound in emergency cases: is it cardio? - Julia Sargent

  • Understand the main goals in POCUS
  • Demonstrate a common POCUS protocol and identify useful echocardiographic views in POCUS
  • Identify echo findings suggestive of heart failure in POCUS

Diuretic therapy in heart failure: what are the options? - Geoff Culshaw

  • Identify common diuretics used in congestive heart failure
  • Understand diuretic treatment strategies in acute and chronic heart failure (stage C)
  • Discuss the rationale between using torasemide versus furosemide as first line diuretic treatment and in refractrory heart failure 


Julia Sargent
Dr Geoff Culshaw


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