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19 Feb 2024

Veterinary Ultrasound simplified with FOVU Founder Dr Camilla Edwards

First Opinion Veterinary Ultrasound Hall: Central Hall Stand: A205
Veterinary Ultrasound simplified with FOVU Founder Dr Camilla Edwards
Get Confident With Veterinary Ultrasound!

Every veterinary professional deserves to feel confident and supported when using ultrasonography to improve patient care and outcomes. FOVU believes in simplifying ultrasound making it more accessible and widely utilised among veterinary professionals. They achieve this by delivering online ultrasonography courses that are accessible to everyone, simple to follow, and affordable.  Ultrasonography isn't just a crucial life-saving skill for your patient, but it also enhances your sense of value within the team;—FOVU is excited to demonstrate that mastering this skill can be enjoyable too.

“Ultrasonography, more than any other diagnostic imaging technology, is particularly prone to mistakes because the problem with veterinary ultrasound is that it’s not used enough,” explains Dr Camilla Edwards DVM, CertAVP, MRCVS, founder for FOVU.  “As a result, many vets don't feel confident or skilled enough when it comes to planning patient scans, scanning emergency patients and adjusting machine settings. They also struggle to spot structures and identify them on a blurry screen, making the task of determining what is normal very challenging".

FOVU, founded in 2018 by Dr Camilla Edwards, offers veterinary ultrasound courses to a global audience, enhancing scanning skills and patient diagnosis.  With online courses, exclusive membership, and in-person training Camilla is renowned for her expertise, offering lectures, podcasts, and online courses to empower veterinary professionals to confidently use ultrasound.






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