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19 Feb 2024

NationWide Laboratories at BSAVA 2024: Your Practice Plus Laboratory Diagnostics You Can Trust

NVS Group/ NationWide Laboratories/ VetIT Hall: Central Hall Stand: D601
NationWide Laboratories at BSAVA 2024: Your Practice Plus Laboratory Diagnostics You Can Trust
NationWide Laboratories: your trusted lab partner
NationWide Laboratories is a proud member of NVS Group, offering a wide range of laboratory diagnostic solutions for veterinary professionals and their animal patients. At the upcoming BSAVA Congress 2024, NationWide Laboratories is excited to showcase its latest advancements with a focus on integration, technological innovation, and collaboration. By leveraging expertise across the whole of NVS Group and embracing new technologies, NationWide Laboratories aims to support vets in fulfilling their diagnostic, therapeutic and business objectives. BSAVA Congress 2024 offers a great opportunity to engage with veterinary community and to demonstrate how we can become your trusted partner through personal service tailored to the needs of modern veterinary practices.

NationWide Laboratories presence at BSAVA 2024 is an exciting chance to demonstrate how we support vets with comprehensive diagnostics they need to best care for animals. We invite you to visit our stand D601 to learn more about our commitment to integration and reliable testing. Our experts will be available to talk about how NationWide Laboratories and wider NVS Group can help take your practice business to the next level.

Your Practice + Personal Approach

At NationWide Laboratories, we are people first. Our goal is to build close collaborative relationships with each of our clients, ranging from mobile veterinarians to large corporate practices. We work with our clients to understand their unique needs and challenges in order to develop diagnostic solutions that meet their needs.

We pride ourselves on this high-touch, personal approach – our experts are always available for in-depth consultations. By taking the time to understand the needs of the animals, the practice, and the people behind it, we can offer better guidance and service. Our clients are not just samples to us - we aim to build partnerships and be a trusted resource. This allows us to adapt as their needs change over time.

Your Practice + Modern and Relevant Laboratory Service

We are always advancing looking at how to support our clients better. Our investment programme ensures that we have capacity and technical capabilities to guarantee successful partnerships with veterinary practices, universities, research institutions, etc. Our clinical and anatomic pathologists are experts in their fields and are constantly working to stay up to date with the latest information. Everyone in our pathology team has their area of specialisation, so when a complex case comes in our clients can be absolutely certain that the best people are looking at it.

At the moment everything is moving towards digitalisation, so we invested in our digital pathology system which allows us to digitise the slides, improve turn-around times and utilise resources not just locally, but across the world as well. We have also brought in an online portal and a courier booking app for our clients.

“Say What You See” Competition

NVS Group is hosting an exciting competition called "Say What You See" at our stand during BSAVA Congress 2024, using the images from our digital pathology system. This competition showcases the future of veterinary diagnostics while rewarding expertise.

Participants will be presented with 3 digital images from real veterinary cases and requested to answer a multiple-choice question. This is a great way to practice your diagnostic skills and see first-hand how digital pathology can aid in veterinary medicine.

All the correct answers will be automatically entered in a prize draw and the lucky winner will get an Amazon Kindle.

Your Practice + Comprehensive Testing Portfolio

We are passionate about animal welfare, that is why we are constantly evaluating and implementing new and innovative laboratory tests that provide actionable insights for our clients.

One example of this is our new offering of the Nu.Q® Vet Cancer Screening Test. This is a blood test that can detect cancer early in dogs, often before clinical signs appear. It identifies the presence of abnormal nucleosomes in the bloodstream released from tumour cells. We offer this as part of our general health check and wellness package, to give the vets more information about the health status of their canine patients.

We can also develop customized diagnostic profiles to meet the specific needs of our clients. This bespoke approach provides focused and meaningful diagnostic information to assist in clinical decision making.

At NationWide Laboratories, we are dedicated to seeking out and providing the latest advancements in veterinary diagnostics. Our passion drives us to arm our clients with the innovative tools they need to deliver exceptional care for animals and succeed in their practices.

Your Practice + Integrated Solutions

This year at BSAVA Congress we aim to highlight how being part of NVS Group benefits our clients and helps to enhance their customer experience. For example, with the support of NVS Wholesale distribution network, we are running a robust courier service in eligible parts of the country to guarantee quick and secure transport of your samples to our laboratories. We are also keen to talk about new ways of integration of our services with our sister company VetIT, to generate a more joined-up approach to working. It's becoming more and more important to bring all the different aspects of the business closer together. Being part of NVS Group allows us to utilise that flow of information to continually improve our service for our customers.

NationWide Laboratories, as part of the NVS Group, is committed to providing integrated, innovative, and dependable diagnostics for veterinary professionals. We constantly advance our capabilities to better serve our clients through investments in technology. Being part of NVS Group offers enhanced customer experiences via consolidated solutions. At our core, we maintain a people-first approach to understand our clients’ needs and deliver laboratory services they can trust.



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