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18 Dec 2023

Congress is about supporting you through your career

Congress is about supporting you through your career
Uniting the small animal veterinary sector, BSAVA Congress is returning to Manchester on 21-23 March 2024! Congress is a place to come together to discuss, debate, and collaborate with others in the profession, and engage with our exhibitors to learn all about the latest industry innovations. Develop your knowledge through our renowned scientific CPD programme and learn about aspects of practice such as leadership and culture in our non-clinical sessions.

Knowing how to progress your career can often be difficult, but the module ‘Leadership for All’ aims to tackle tips for successful leadership and more importantly, how to take your first steps in leadership, with a panel discussion from Victoria Johnson, Andy Green, Paul Horwood and Helen Silver-MacMahon. “Leadership means many things, to many people, and can be a daunting prospect for anyone taking their first steps into this area”, says Andy. “One of the most important things we want to help people with is to understand that so much of true leadership is about mindset, beliefs, focus, and standards rather than strategy or process.”

Victoria added, “I truly believe that you learn the most from trying to do the role, and constantly thinking about what people need from you and how you can better meet those needs. Whilst some people set out to intentionally become a leader, I fell into this role by starting a company and eventually ended up having a lot of people looking to me as a leader.”

Andy continued, “The importance of cultivating a growth mindset and developing a high level of  emotional intelligence are both crucial to being a truly effective and transformative leader in any team. We have all lived this particular journey,  and this session is very much aimed at saving our delegates their most precious resource – time.”

“By sharing some simple but proven top tips, we want to take the trial and error out of cultivating a leadership mindset. Ultimately, leadership still takes time, practice, and patience, but is absolutely worth the effort!”

Join Andy, Victoria, Paul, and Helen in the ‘Leadership for All’ module, taking place on Saturday 23 March in Central 5-7 at BSAVA Congress 2024!



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