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04 Mar 2024

Bristol Veterinary School 75th Celebrations

Bristol Veterinary School Stand: B302
Bristol Veterinary School 75th Celebrations

Not only are we celebrating but this year is the year we also launch a new fundraising initiative BVS@75 aimed at providing financial support for our students.

As Head of School of Bristol Veterinary School (BVS) I hear regular reports from concerned students who are having to take out extra loans, borrow from friends and family, work excessive hours and even take time out of their studies to take on full time work to fund the rest of their degree.

As you know unlike most Bristol students, Bristol Veterinary School students must complete extra-mural studies (EMS) outside of term time. This, coupled with the increased costs of living, is making it much more difficult for them to complete their degree without facing significant financial hardship.

When compared with 2022/23, we are seeing a 100% increase in the number of students approaching us for additional support this academic year.

What our students say.

'We’re aware of how challenging it is to acquire a place on a competitive veterinary programme, but it’s not talked about enough just how challenging it is to get through a veterinary degree financially when you are self-funded. Those extra work experience and placement requirements are what eat away at our availability to do paid work and empty our limited funds.' Francesca, Veterinary Science student

'The additional money provided by the veterinary school has been very helpful and greatly appreciated in absorbing some of the additional costs attributed to EMS such as petrol, particularly at a time where the cost if living has increased so greatly.' Bex, Veterinary Science student

Launching a dedicated support programme for BVS students.

As part of the Vet School’s 75th anniversary celebration, please will you consider making a gift to help provide much needed financial support for Veterinary School students struggling to make ends meet? Your generosity will help provide a safety net for the next generation of veterinarians and veterinary nurses, enabling them to focus on their studies and EMS free from worries about finances.

Please come and say hello to some people you may recognise on stand B302 at some point over the next few days.



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