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Thinking better than a neurologist!

23 Mar 2024
Charter 1

Top Tips for the neurological examination - Clare Rusbridge

  • To be able to perform a neurological examination in a cat and in a dog
  • To understand the different parts of the neurological examination and what they are 
  • To develop a basic understanding of the function and role of the different parts of the nervous and muscular system 

Clinical reasoning in neurology - Holger Volk

  • To comprehend that “thinking pathophysiologically” is essential for neurological problem solving
  • To be able to prioritise a neurological problem list using the five fingers rule
  • To understand how to prioritise a diagnostic plan

Q&A: further case examples

Prof Holger Volk, Professor - University of Veterinary Medicine
Prof Clare Rusbridge, Professor, Veterinary Neurology - University of Surrey


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