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Team Approach to the RTA Dog: Day in the Life of...

22 Mar 2024
Exchange Auditorium

Join us for a live-drama case study! Follow the journey of our vet team as they respond to an RTA trauma patient primary and manage the emotional behaviours of the client as they await updates on the condition of their pet, and face making difficult decisions.


10:20, Live Performance | A Canine RTA

  • The drama starts following a client's first contact with the practice after their dog runs into a road during a walk, and is hit by a car. Our vet team call staff to the prep area to get ready for the incoming trauma patient

10:25, Lecture | Preparing for the Trauma Patient

10:40, Live Performance | Patient Arrival

  • As the panicked owners arrive at the practice with their injured dog, a nurse comes through to take them for assessment and treatment

10:45, Lecture | Initial Assessment of the Trauma Patient

  • Lecture followed by Q&A with the audience

11:00, Lecture | Initial Nursing Considerations of the Trauma Patient

  • Lecture followed by Q&A with the audience

11:20, Live Performance | The Upset Client

  • Emotions rise in the waiting room as the patients' owners are still waiting for an update and are becoming visibly upset and angry with the reception. As the receptionist attempts to calm the owners and share an update, the vet team ask for the owners to be brought into the consult room to discuss treatment 

11:30, Lecture | Managing Owners in Emergency Situations

  • What can our vet learn from this interaction? 
  • How to have sensitive, difficult conversations with clients correctly, and how to do better

11:45, Live Performance | Conversations Between the Vet and Owner

  • Emotions escalate as the vet dives right in to ask the owners about finances and if their pet is insured, with little care shown to the state they are in, and continues to engage with them in an insensitive manner

11:50, Lecture | Sensitive Discussion Around Bad News and Money

12:05, Panel Discussion | Summary of the Day

12:15, Live Performance | Diagnosis and Discharge

  • It's a good result for our vet team, as they successfully treat the RTA patient and release them home with very happy, grateful owners!


Dr Erica Tinson, Lecturer, Small Animal Emergency & Critical Care - Royal Veterinary College
Dr Sinziana Radulescu, Lecturer - University of Edinburgh
Rosanne Wignall


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