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Systematic approach, extra thoracic and pleural space

23 Mar 2024
Exchange Hall
Thoracic Imaging

Systematic thoracic radiograph interpretation - Kate Peper

  • Know (and utilize) a systematic, “outside-in” approach to thoracic radiograph interpretation
  • Understand a systematic approach to interpreting extrathoracic structure and pleural space pathology
  • Be able to differentiate pleural space pathology from normal anatomy (e.g. differentiating pneumothorax from peripheral pulmonary parenchyma and pleural effusion from pulmonary vasculature).

Case discussion: extrathoracic structures and pleural space - Erin Porter

  • Know normal extra-thoracic and pleural space anatomy and radiographic appearance
  • Apply anatomic knowledge and systematic approach to the extra-thoracic structures and pleural space in selected case examples.


Kate Peper, Clinical Assistant Professor - University of Florida
Erin Porter, Radiologist - University of Florida


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