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How to scan the abdomen from the basics to the trickier bits

22 Mar 2024
Exhibition Theatre
Exhibitor-Led CPD

Concerned about missing pathology during your ultrasound scans? Ever felt like you might have overlooked something others would have spotted? Whether you're a new graduate who's been hesitant to use the ultrasound machine or a seasoned practitioner looking to build confidence, FOVU has the solution.

We've developed user-friendly 'how to scan' videos, designed to guide you step by step, focusing on one organ at a time. Our approach ensures that you thoroughly examine each organ and, over time, combines these skills to create a basic, systematic scanning plan for the abdomen. As your confidence and ability grow, you can effortlessly incorporate more challenging organs into your scans.

In this lecture we will be focusing on the basic abdominal scan and how to add in trickier bits as you grow in confidence.

Dr Camilla Edwards - First Opinion Veterinary Ultrasound

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