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Progressive care: challenging the evidence

21 Mar 2024
Charter 4
PetSavers’ Progressive Care

Good Science vs Bad Science: What is the strength of the evidence out there? Can we rely on the evidence? Can it be misinterpreted and misused?

Join our panel of speakers as they discuss "challenging the evidence". Ask questions to our speakers and share your thoughts on this topic.

  • Recognise the strengths and weaknesses of information presented to you (recognise sources of bias and confounding factors and how these may affect the interpretation of study results)
  • Understand that research findings can be misinterpreted or misused which could harm you and your patients 
  • Identify misuse of evidence – identify instances where evidence may be misused or selectively used to support a particular agenda/ ethical implications of misusing evidence 
Karen Humm, Associate Professor, Transfusion Medicine & ECC
Rachel Dean, Chair Clinical Board, Senior Leadership - VetPartners
Prof Clare Rusbridge, Professor, Veterinary Neurology - University of Surrey
Dr Martin Whitehead, Clinical Director


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