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What is the place of raw diets and antibiotics to treat chronic enteropathy?

22 Mar 2024
Exchange Hall
GI Disease

What are the risks, if any, of feeding raw diets? - Andrew Wales

  • Explain the possible microbiological and zoonotic risks of raw feeding
  • Summarize the potential risk of nutritional imbalance of raw feeding
  • Appraise the evidence-based strengths and weaknesses of raw feeding

What is the place of antibiotics in the treatment of chronic enteropathy? - Julien Dandrieux

  • Appraise the evidence-based literature on the use of antibiotics for dogs with chronic enteropathy
  • Discuss the different types of antibiotics reported to treated animals with chronic enteropathy
  • Explain the patho-mechanism in granulomatous colitis of boxer that supports the use of antibiotic


Prof. Silke Salavati, Senior Lecturer - University of Edinburgh
Dr Andrew Wales
Dr Julien Dandrieux, Senior Lecturer - University of Edinburgh


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