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Feline lower urinary tract disease

23 Mar 2024
Exchange 8-10
Urogenital Medicine & Surgery

The obstructed male cat: part I - Sinziana Radulescu

  • Indicate the clinical presentation, differential aetiolgies and prevalence of male cat urinary obstructive disease
  • Outline the key clinical concerns relating to initial presentation of an obstructed cat
  • Explore recent evidence base relating to catheterisation and use of spasmolytic drugs

The obstructed male cat: part II - Karla Lee

  • Describe the indications for surgical management in male cats with recurrent obstructive disease
  • Evaluate potential risks and complications associated with perineal urethrostomy in the cat
  • Understand the likely outcome and prognosis after perineal urethrostomy 


Dr Sinziana Radulescu, Lecturer - University of Edinburgh
Karla Lee


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