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Day in the Life of... The Primary Care Nurse

23 Mar 2024
Exchange Auditorium
Primary Care Nursing

Join us for a live-drama case study! Follow the journey of a primary care nurse as they navigate the treatment of a chemo patient, a crashing critical surgery patient, as well as an ever increasing workload from other staff and patients.


10:20, Live Performance | Chemo Session

  • The drama starts following a client's first contact with the practice and subsequent prognosis. As treatment options are discussed, arrangements are made for the patient to undergo chemotherapy in the practice

10:30, Lecture | Oncology Patient and The Client Bond

  • Admission, discharge and communication

10:35, Live Performance | Vet and Nurse: Making a Plan For the Day

  • Our vet and nurse go through the list for the day and make a plan, specifically focusing on the new chemo case, and touching on a case from surgery that will need monitoring throughout the day. 

10:40, Lecture | Top Tips for Chemo Administration

  • Tips to make chemo easy

10:50, Live Performance | Vet and Client Update

  • The chemo session is finished, and our vet phones the owner to let them know how things have gone, and what the plan will be moving forward

10:55, Panel Discussion | Oncology

  • Discussion of past case experiences

11:05, Live Performance | Critical Case from Surgery: Handover

  • Vet comes through in to the inpatient ward with a very critical case from surgery. Vet goes in to detail about what the surgery was, and the vitals on handover and how it's really important we keep a close eye on the patient. Nurse looks concerned.

11:15, Lecture | Monitoring the Critical Inpatient

11:25, Live Performance | Patient Crashes

  • The patient from surgery has crashed! Help is needed

11:30, Lecture | CPR

11:40, Live Performance | Team Debrief

  • A discussion between 2-3 members of the team about how the CPR went, how might they improve, what went well and how they feel personally. One person mentions a clinical audit idea.

11:45, Lecture | Significant Event Audits

  • Why are they important
  • How to carry out a clinical audit
  • How to make them easy in first opinion

11:55, Live Performance 

12:00, Panel Discussion | Feelings on the Day

12:15 Live Performance | End of Day: Locking Up and Supporting Each Other on a Tough Day

  • Talking as friends about how it was a difficult day, and the constant pressure the vet profession is getting at the minute is really difficult, but knowing they can talk to each other and receive the right support really makes a difference to our nursing team
Lesley Moore - IVC Evidensia
Elle Haskey - Royal Veterinary College
Linda Ryan, RVN & Veterinary Technician Specialist - Inspiring Pet Teaching
Nicola Read, Head Oncology Nurse - The Queen Mother Hospital for Animals


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