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The new veterinary business model

23 Mar 2024
Exhibition Theatre
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Following the traditional, outdated model of running a local veterinary practice it is almost impossible for any veterinary team to compete with the price cuts and supposed convenience offered by large, online digital disruptors. However, it still remains that no one is better placed to sit at the heart of the pet care journey than local veterinary clinics.

Walking through the quality, cost and convenience paradigm Thom explains why even the likes of Walmart, Amazon and Chewy are jealous of your share of care and simply can not match the quality of care delivered by local veterinary teams.  By utilising the new veterinary business model, attendees will learn how to master the perfect clicks and bricks balance for executing a 3/3 online to offline strategy that not only offers better patient advocacy but also promotes a more sustainable system better equipped to support the teams that serve them.

Dr Thom Jenkins, Vet, CEO & Co-Founder - PetsApp

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