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Medical treatment of heart disease

21 Mar 2024
Exchange Auditorium

RAAS inhibition: what's the evidence in 2024? - Geoff Culshaw

  • Understand the rationale of RAAS suppression in heart disease 
  • Discuss the evidence for RAAS suppression in  asymptomatic (stage B) and symptomatic (stage C) heart disease
  • Identify drugs for comprehensive RAAS suppression

Advances in the treatment of feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - David Connolly

  • Identify current strategies in treating asymptomatic (stage B) and symptomatic (stage C) HCM
  • Discuss treatment of obstructive form of HCM (SAM)
  • Understand future options in the treatment of HCM


Dr Geoff Culshaw, Head of Cardiology - R(D)SVS
Prof David Connolly, Professor, Veterinary Cardiology - Royal Veterinary College


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