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Urinary tract infections

23 Mar 2024
Exchange 8-10
Urogenital Medicine & Surgery

Lower urinary tract infections: part I - Rosanne Jepson

  • Understand the definition of sporadic bacterial cystitis versus subclinical bacteriuria, recurrence and relevance to treatment 
  • Review current recommendations for the clinical management of sporadic bacterial cystitis 
  • Indicate important clinical considerations for the patient with recurrent bacterial cystitis

Lower urinary tract infections: part II - Sian Frosini

  • Review important steps in urine microbiology; from sample collection to shipment and results
  • Explore how your susceptibility profile is generated
  • Interpret your minimum inhibitory concentration for bacterial cystitis 


Prof Rosanne Jepson, Professor, Small Animal Internal Medicine & Nephrology - Royal Veterinary College
Dr Sian Frosini, Lecturer, Veterinary Clinical Microbiology - Royal Veterinary College


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