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Environmental allergy

21 Mar 2024
Exchange 8-10

Approach to environmental allergy testing - Tania Nunes Rodrigues

  • Understand when and why to recommend allergy testing in dogs and cats, and appreciate it is not used for a diagnosis
  • Understand the options available for allergy testing: IDT and serology and when to use one over the other
  • How to interpret the allergy results: how does this help us and what to do next.

Immunotherapy options - Sarah Long

  • Discuss the options available for delivery of immunotherapy
  • Understand how and why immunotherapy works and the success rate of using this therapy
  • Understand when to assess the response to immunotherapy and how this might be done


Dr Debbie Gow, Head of Dermatology - Veterinary Specialist Scotland
Dr Tania Nunes Rodrigues - Willows Referral Centre & London Vet Specialists
Sarah Long, Lecturer - University of Bristol


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