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Dermatology work up

21 Mar 2024
Exchange 8-10

Itchy dog work-up: tips for a 10 minute consult - Tania Nunes Rodrigues

  • Understand the key questions and information to gain from a skin case
  • Identify and eliminate the common causes of itchy skin in dogs
  • How to rule out causes of pruritus to end up at a diagnosis of atopic dermatitis

Collecting skin samples: tips to optimise success - Nikoleta Makri

  • Understand the types of skin samples that can be obtained 
  • Understand the optimal location for skin sampling to optimise results
  • How to collect skin samples in the clinic - optimal collection and nurse involvement


Dr Debbie Gow, Head of Dermatology - Veterinary Specialist Scotland
Dr Tania Nunes Rodrigues - Willows Referral Centre & London Vet Specialists
Dr Nikoleta Makri


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