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Delivering multimodal management of OA

23 Mar 2024
Charter 2-3
Osteoarthritis: Multimodal Approach & Latest Advances

How and why to launch an OA Clinic - Siobhan Menzies

  • Understand why an OA clinic approach is feasible and beneficial: clinically and commercially, in general practice
  • Understand the benefits of clinic approach: to patients and for staff
  • Understand the key steps in planning and operating an OA clinic 'in practice'

The RVN role in multimodal management of OA - Kirsty Cavill

  • Understand the importance of 'team-management' of OA patients and nurses role within that
  • Gain insight into the skills required to meaningfully review, assess and advise the team delivering OA care to patients
  • Understand how the tiered format can be used when progressively manging OA patients over the long term


Ross Allan, Clinical Director of Referrals - Pets'n'Vets
Dr Siobhan Menzies - HolisticPet
Kirsty Cavill, Director, Head of Clinical Services - The Vet Connection


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