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Your complete patient advocacy toolkit

22 Mar 2024
Exhibition Theatre
Exhibitor-Led CPD

We all want the best for our patients. However, finding the time to advocate for everything they could possibly need in a brief consultation can be  beyond challenging. That’s assuming the pet owner agrees with each of the recommendations, and sticks to the plan. And we all know what happens when we assume…

This can put a lot of pressure on already stretched veterinary teams, leading to suboptimal outcomes all round. We need a better way of doing things. We need new tools. In fact, we need a complete patient advocacy toolkit. In this session, Thom takes you through the essential components of your new patient advocacy toolkit. We cover familiar concepts like concordance and compliance, but also explore wellness plans, loyalty plans, artificial intelligence, and more!

Dr Thom Jenkins, Vet, CEO & Co-Founder - PetsApp

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