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Common treatment used for animals with chronic enteropathy with focus on diet

22 Mar 2024
Exchange Hall
GI Disease

Current thoughts on treatment of chronic enteropathy - Julien Dandrieux

  • List the different types of usual treatment for animals with chronic enteropathy
  • Justify the reasons to consider a diet trial as first strategy in an otherwise well animal
  • Differentiate the animal that requires further work up prior to a diet trial

So many diets to choose from: where to start? - Aarti Kathrani

  • Assess the diet history to determine implementation and response to previous dietary strategies
  • Summarize the scientific literature available for each diet strategy in dogs and cats with chronic enteropathies
  • Select a diet strategy based on pros and cons of different nutritional options available for an individual animal


Dr Andrew Wales
Dr Julien Dandrieux, Senior Lecturer - University of Edinburgh
Dr Aarti Kathrani - Royal Veterinary College


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