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Canine General Practice

21 Mar 2024
Abstract Theatre
Clinical Abstracts


Hot Dogs: getting to the bottom of “normal” temperatures for dogs presenting to UK veterinary clinics - Adam Werth


The epidemiology of tail injuries in dogs attending first opinion practices in the United Kingdom - Alexandra Edwards


Lifting the flap on otitis externa in dogs under primary veterinary care in the UK – the VetCompass view - Michelle Pavlova


Exploring the evidence base on grape (Vitis vinifera; VV) toxicity in dogs after ingestion - clinical effects, treatments, and types of VV fruit (VVF) implicated: a scoping review - Joshua Downs


“She’s chunky, not overweight as such” – A qualitative exploration of dog owners’ experiences of recognising and addressing canine obesity - Imogen Lloyd


A VetCompass labour of love - Dystocia in bitches under primary veterinary care in the UK - Jordan Simpson-Brown


Should vets recommend Beagles as pets? VetCompass perspectives on Beagle health and welfare - Dan O’Neill


A dilemma of Doodles: does health really differ between designer crossbreeds and their purebred parent breeds? - Dan O’Neill


Periodontal disease in dogs under primary veterinary care - VetCompass prevalence, clinical management, and breed risks - Lucyann Corwell


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