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What bacterial diseases can be managed with less antibiotics?

22 Mar 2024
Charter 4
Drug Stewardship

How long does a bacterial infection need to be treated? - Fergus Allerton

  • A new dogma 'shorter is better' is emerging in human medicine. Learn how this can be applied in pets
  • Understand the current literature – and its limitation
  • Learn about the new studies on antibiotic treatment duration

When do abscesses need antibiotics? - Paul Stanley

  • Learn about scientific studies that have looked at treating abscesses without antibiotics
  • Know the risks of not treating abscesses with antibiotics and how to communicate those risks to clients
  • Know which bacterial infections need, and which do not need, antibiotics


Prof Ian Ramsey, Professor, Small Animal Medicine - University of Glasgow
Fergus Allerton
Dr Paul Stanley


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