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Adverse food reactions

21 Mar 2024
Exchange 8-10

Adverse food reactions - Sarah Long

  • Appreciate how common adverse food reactions in dogs and cats are and understand how they can exist as single entities or co-exist with AD
  • What are the clinical signs of adverse food reactions in dogs and cats?
  • How can we diagnose food reactions and what are the options? Why food serology is not always helpful.

Tips for a successful elimination diet trial - Nikoleta Makri

  • How to select novel proteins or hydrolysed foods
  • Understand the duration of food trials, foods to avoid, and potential pitfalls. Understand when a shortened food trial maybe useful
  • Tips to increase owner compliance and successful food trials


Dr Debbie Gow, Head of Dermatology - Veterinary Specialist Scotland
Sarah Long, Lecturer - University of Bristol
Dr Nikoleta Makri


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