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Important Exhibitor Warning

We are aware of a number of companies contacting our exhibitors to offer misleading directories or event services. On occasion they have been falsely identifying themselves as an employee of the BSAVA and use our company logo, or state they are representing us/our event. We are in no way affiliated to these organisations.

Examples of recently reported SCAM companies include (and are not limited to):

  • B2B Lead Tech (added 01/02/2024)
  • Events Detail (added 01/02/2024)
  • (added 06/02/2024)
  • Fairs International (scam)
  • Tolsena (scam)
  • Streampro Leads
  • Modzsol
  • Search Booths
  • Ecospace Solutions
  • B2B Clients Lead

These companies are NOT affiliated with BSAVA and we want to reassure all of our exhibitors and sponsors that we do not share your contact details, or Attendee Mailing Lists with any third party; with the exception of our approved contractors/suppliers that you will have been introduced to via the technical manual. 

Examples of SAFE and approved BSAVA suppliers/contractors or service providers:

  • Ford + Barley
  • Concept Furniture
  • DSV Events
  • EM-SS Health & Safety
  • MICE Concierge (accommodation providers)
  • ASP (Exhibitor Portal)
  • Swapcard (Event App & Lead Retrieval)

Please check our full contractors and suppliers list found in the exhibitor technical manual, and through the online exhibitor portal if you are ever unsure if a potential supplier/organisation is trustworthy.  

What you can do to stay safe

Exhibitor Directory Profile

This is unfortunately quite a common scam within the industry when events have an online exhibitor directory with listings that include company contact details.

When completing your company profile, please ensure you only include general customer service or sales contact information and not individual representative contact information, as this is typically the data fraudulent companies capture from online published directories.

Note, we do not sell or share any company profile information with third parties; this is used solely for promotional purposes within the online and in-print event directories.