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B-CURE LASER is the world’s first portable Low Level Laser medical device with the Healing Power of a clinic For:

• Musculoskeletal conditions: hip dysplasia, back pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis/osis (H.D, elbow arthrosis,
OCD), tendinopathy (as SDF, DDF problems in horses), joint disorders, muscle pain.
• Dental problems: chronic periodontitis, feline stomatitis-gingivitis-faucitis.
• Skin conditions: lick granuloma, "hot spots", feline acne, post surgical scars and wounds, infected wounds, poorly healing wounds.
• Acupuncture stimulation/Trigger points
• Neurological deficits: for cranial nerve paralysis (facial nerve, trigeminal nerve, vestibular nerve), peripheral
nerve paralysis (radial nerve, ulnar nerve), or spinal injury (intervertebral disc protrusion - IVDD).

Key advantages:
• Proven results for pain relief and acceleration of healing.
• Safe for everyday home use.
• Natural healing and non-invasive treatment.
• No side effects and no fear of over-dosage.
• Easy to use, light, portable, and rechargeable

Company Email: more.bcure@gmail.com
Company Telephone: +972544317406
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5 Nahum Heth st.

County/State: Israel
Country: Israel
Postcode/ZIP: 3508504