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Registration is now open for BSAVA Congress 2016. Click below to book your place online today. If you wish to book a practice badge please use the registration form available below.


Congress Registration Forms

Registration for Congress via a booking form is also available. Please note a £10 administration charge is applied to each member and non-member application. There is no administration charge for using the practice badge form.

BSAVA Member Registration Form
Non-member Registration Form
Practice Badge Registration Form
BEVA and BSAVA Congress Joint Registration Form - register for one or two days of CPD at both BSAVA Congress 2016 and BEVA Congress 2016

Contact Us

If you have any queries about your booking or would like advice on the packages available please don't hesitate to contact us on 01452 726720 or email

Registration prices

Please note: all rates quoted here are inclusive of UK VAT. Click here for Registration Terms and Conditions.

Cost until 11:59pm, 1st February 2016
Cost from 2nd February 2016
BSAVA Members and FECAVA/ASAVA Members  
Whole Congress  538.00
Day rate  269.00
BSAVA Member 1/2/3 Year Qualified
Whole Congress           179.00
Day rate           90.00
BSAVA Senior/Vet Student Members/Postgraduate Members
Whole Congress           90.00
Day rate  45.00
BSAVA Nurse/Vet Nurse Student Members (Nurse and Management Streams)
Whole Congress  135.00
Day rate  67.00
BSAVA Nurse Member (All streams)
Whole Congress  280.00
Day rate  140.00
Practice Badges (Not available after 7 March 2016, one attendee must be a BSAVA Member)
1 Vet per day - Whole Congress  672.00
1 Nurse per day - Whole Congress  256.00
Exhibition only
Exhibition only (registration required)
Cost from 2nd February 2016
Vet Non-Member
Whole Congress  817.00
Day rate  409.00
Nurse and Animal Technician (Nurse streams only)
Whole Congress  223.00
Day rate  112.00
Exhibition Only
Day rate             42.00
Sunday 17
Practice Manager
Whole Congress
(includes management/nursing lectures and exhibition access)
Day rate
(includes management/nursing lectures and exhibition access on day of registration)